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Solaris Potted Vine

Fancy joining us growing Vines in North Wales! Solaris vines now on sale from the vineyard!!

You will also receive your very own guide on how to look after them for the first 3 years until they fruit.

And if you harvest at the same time as we do, we will swap your grapes for wine!!

Vines kept in Greenhouses will produce the ripest and most fruit!

T & C's

So we can make sure they reach you in tip top condition, vines are only available via local pick up.  We can then advise on the early days whilst you are here and demonstrate using our own vines!

Vines are non - returnable as we will only sell them if they are healthy.

Grapes will have to be weighed in to swap for wine!  All fruit will need to be tested for sugar and acidity.  We reserve the right to refuse unripe fruit.

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