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Pefriog 2020 – Sparkling Welsh Wine

  • Complex, aromatic
  • Lychee, orange blossom, exotic
  • Refreshingly crisp & balanced

The perfect wine for celebrations and special occassions with friends!!

Our Sparkling wines are made using 'méthode traditionnelle'.  The base wine is put in bottles along with yeast and a small amount of sugar, called the 'liqueur de tirage', stopped with a crown cap  and stored in a wine cellar horizontally for a secondary fermentation.  Our wine is the riddled using mechanised equipment called a gyropallette.

What the Judges said...........

"Exuberant nose of lychee, orange blossom with touch of exotic. Crisp and balanced. Great fun!"


Silver - International Wine Challenge 2017

Bronze - Wine GB Awards 2018


Solaris: wines are most often made in off-dry styles, but the variety's extremely high natural sugar levels make it well suited to the production of sweet wines in hotter climates.  It is disease resistant, and ripens earlier than almost any other wine grape. The name Solaris, which means "sun", is particularly apt, as the variety is used in regions noted for their cool climates and low sunshine levels.  Solaris grapes produce high must weights and early-ripening fruit, an excellent combination for growers looking to ensure an abundant harvest.



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