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Trealy Farm Charcuterie (60g) – Lamb Carpaccio with Rosemary


Made from leg of Welsh PGI Lamb, cured and pressed this ‘carpaccio’ is a true showcase of some of the best produce Wales has to offer. Moist and tender, infused with Rosemary Trealy Farm Lamb Carpaccio is a super addition to any charcuterie platter.


This product, made entirely from Welsh PGI lamb, is not in fact a true ‘carpaccio’ which is often effectively a raw or only lightly cured slice of meat.  Instead Trealy farm have aimed to replicate some of the unique texture profile of the ‘carpaccio’ in this air dried and ready to eat product that has the advantage of a long best before date. It has a hint of rosemary, a traditional companion herb for lamb. There is of course, nothing traditional about air dried lamb however (except for a couple of examples from Northern Germany and Scandinavia) and we are proud to have been able to have made this unique product to show off the delicate tastes and textures of Welsh lamb.

1 pack of Trealy Farm Lamb Carpaccio Charcuterie (60g)

Ingredients: Lamb, Salt, Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate, Dextrose, Rosemary (0.14%, Spices, Preservative: Sodium Nitrate. Made with 125g meat per 100g product.


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