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Heartland Landmark Ground Coffee (250g)

Ground coffee suitable for cafetieres that will give you a perfectly smooth and sweet espresso with a long, pleasant aftertaste.

The perfect addition to your Welsh Luxury Hampers and gifts!

One of the earliest goals on Heartland's coffee roasting journey was to produce a full flavoured espresso that’s smooth and sweet, with a long pleasant aftertaste. Something that cuts through the milk, doesn't make your eyes water with sourness, and definitely no bitter aftertaste.

It's not easy finding the perfect balance in a single blend to produce a smooth full flavoured latte while also having enough acidity to give espresso drinkers that 'zing' they're looking for.

But 15 years on, the feedback from customers still tells Heartland that they've got the balance just right.

Perfect for espresso, producing a rich crema with excellent stability in the cup for pouring latte art into, and equally enjoyed as a cafetiere or filter brew on a lazy Sunday morning.

It's a true all-rounder that they're proud to call their Landmark blend. Made at Heartland Coffee Roasters on Builder Street, Llandudno.

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