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Heartland Eithiopa Yirgacheffe Ground Coffee (250g)

Ground coffee suitable for cafetieres. Perfect for an espresso with subtle body and fruity, floral notes.

The perfect addition to your Welsh Luxury Hampers and gifts!

Ethiopia is the 5th largest global coffee producer, with coffee exports representing around 70% of the nation's export earnings. The high altitude and naturally fertile soil mean that Arabica coffee grows relatively easily.

Yirgacheffe has long been a benchmark for high quality African coffees, with the subtle body, fruity and floral notes, and tea like character appealing to those looking for a more delicate coffee flavour as opposed to a full-bodied strong brew.

Brew or espresso, hot or cold infusion, make it however you want. But treat it like a tea and go easy on the milk (or better yet drink it black) to fully appreciate the complex flavours and aromas bound up in this coffee. Made at Heartland Coffee Roasters on Builder Street, Llandudno.

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